AbleBots | Web Applications

We build web applications for lesser human-types
like yourself.

AbleBots carefully crafts tools to run your company effectively, with a little fun while we’re at it

Our mission is to develop a collection of applications that enable businesses to perform at their highest potential, keeping ease-of-use in mind every step of the way.

At AbleBots, we believe that an application needs to be more than a pretty face with bells and whistles: it needs to infuse itself into the way you run your business. Our products all integrate with one another, they integrate with every operating system through desktop software, they integrate with mobile devises through native applications. Therefore, they integrate with you.

Floyd PriceFloyd Price

  • Location: Solihull, England
  • Fun Fact: Claims he’s a Chelsea fan, but secretly supports Manchester.

Floyd brings with him over 10 years experience in web technologies. He's a passionate software craftsman, he absolutely loves technology, business and psychology.

Frank LakatosFrank Lakatos

  • Location: Wayne, New Jersey
  • Fun Fact: He’s only doing this web stuff until his rock and roll career takes off.

Frank is a web 2.whoa juggernaut with a passion for user interface design and front-end phenomenas.

Sergeant MajorSergeant Major

  • Location: Unknown
  • Fun Fact: He has an amazing frozen daiquiri recipe.

Some say he is the only living survivor of the great robot war. Some say he’s wanted by the CIA, he sleeps upside down like a bat, and there’s an airport in Russia named after him. Others say he blinks horizontally, his heart ticks like a watch, and that he’s confused by stairs.


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